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As I take escape the beatings and torture by the soldiers na only GOd fit explain o, where I was busy saying my last prayer and asking God to let me see Kate’s face before I die one of the soldier who happened to be Temi’s cousin heard this and realized I still love temi …

He ordered the toture to be postponed, after then he set up a meeting with temi’s father..,..

**Wedding Day**

I know you’ll be surprised well the wedding is between I and Temi, I had to marry her if I wanna stay longer on earth…..

Pastor : Who doesn’t want this couples to be joined together should stand up and say it now or….

Funke: I sir.

I then whispered to temi’s dad that there is the girl that called him a d--k….

Temi’s dad: Seal the door soldiers

Funke: **Shocked and surprised**

Temi’s dad: You called me a d--k, soldiers take her to the guard room

Funke: **she started begging** ok then see this photos before you take me

Temi’s dad: Your plans won’t work, he has already told me everything that happened between you two , soldiers I said to the guard room…

** feeling relaxed**
(in my apartment with my new wife)

While enjoying a lovely program I love watching with temi , don’t bother to ask how come we started living a comfortable life together well the truth of matter is I actually fell in love with her since she was the mother of my baby….

**knock on the door**

As I opened the door three masked men barged into my apartment with heavy weapons , they didn’t say anything they just headed to my room and took away Kate my daughter, at that moment I was helpless…


Oh lord why me , not again, who kidnapped my beloved daughter? , how will I get her back, while thinking about what’s going on a call came in with an unknown id
Caller: If you want your daughter alive , arrange a sum of 10million naira in the next 4days, we’ll get back to you….

Me: Can I ….

Caller: **drops the call**


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